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$5 Art Journaling Week 3–Acrylic Paints

January 25, 2010

We’re finally going to get artsy and add some color to that journal of yours!  Today your five dollars will be going towards a few bottles of acrylic paint.  Look around for the cheapest stuff you can find.  Some Wal-Marts sell a brand called Apple Barrel for 54 cents, and I think that’s as cheap as it gets.  Folk Art and Ceramcoat are cheap, easy to find brands as well.  Now, you can grab whatever colors you like, but here are my suggestions to get you started:

Blue, red, and yellow are primary colors.  This means you can make any color from these three.

You should also try lighter, brighter versions of the three primary colors.  I tend to use cyan and pink more often than red and blue.

And then we have the neutral colors like white, black, brown and tan.  These are useful for lightening and darkening colors or making flesh tones.

Get what you can afford for now and try them out.  Take them home and play with them in your journal.  Do you remember from elementary school which colors make other colors?  If not, I suggest you google the color wheel.  Once you are familiar with it, you can make any color you like using the paints shown above.  If you don’t want to mess up your journal, just take a plain manila folder and paint on it.  Make notes on how you achieved the colors you like.

If you find yourself mixing up a particular shade often, you may want to buy a bottle of that color to save yourself some time.

Right now, don’t worry about making pretty art.  Just play with your paints and get used to them.  Please comment if you have any questions.

Hey, this is my 10th post!  I think I’m going to try to get around to filling out my “About Me” page.  Finally!  But first, I’m off to make a map of my brain!

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