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Free Time

February 10, 2010

The best way I know to make time for your art is to invest in a timer.  I know it sounds counter-productive, but it works.  For example, in the mornings after I get ready I usually have about 15 minutes to spare before I have to head out the door.  So, I set my timer and go to work.  I can get a fair amount of stuff done in just 15 minutes.  And since the timer will let me know when it’s time to stop, I can relax and create without having to stop and look at the clock constantly.  Try this the next time you’re waiting for something (like your favorite tv show to come on or the lasagna to get done). You probably already have a timer.  Check your microwave or stove or grab your kitchen egg timer.  My favorite timer is the one on my phone.  It’s always with me, so I can use it in the breakroom at work.

iphone timer

In 15 minutes you can: paint a few solid backgrounds, do a quick “morning collage” like my favorite artist Keri Smith, write your thoughts on a finished background, jot down some ideas, sketch, or test out new supplies.

ps, it only took me 13 minutes to jot down the outline for this post in my journal!

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  1. February 14, 2010 6:04 am

    iTotally LOVE this timer idea…i’m going to try that! 🙂


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