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New Idea: Journal Flip

February 20, 2010

So, when I first started art journaling last year, I would take a quick video of my work about once a week.  Nothing fancy, just a quick flip-through on my iPhone.  It’s fun to go back and watch them every now and then.

Click here to see one!
(WordPress users: I couldn’t figure out how to embed that video in this post.  Can anyone help?)

That was the first one I ever made.  I’d been working in that journal for a couple of weeks.  Some of those pages look the same and some of them have changed completely.  For some reason, I quit doing the videos when I started working in this new journal, but I’ve decided to start making them again.  AND I’m going to post them on here every Sunday so you can watch my journal progress with me!

I think everyone should get in on the action!  I just created a Flickr group for everyone to post their videos.
Click here to join!

I’d love it if you made a quick video of your art journal and posted it each week along with me.  You don’t have to use a fancy camera (your phone is fine).  You can narrate if you like or it’s fine if you’re shy like me and choose to stay silent.

Check back this Sunday for my first Journal Flip post!

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