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Forgotten Pages

March 26, 2010

I want to thank everyone who has participated in my polls, especially those who took the time to type out their opinions.  Sorry I have not replied to you individually.  I am still mulling things over.  The polls are still up if you haven’t voted yet.

Last night I was looking through my completed journals and I found a few pages from my previous journal that I never posted.  I tend to finish a journal, then toss it aside as soon as I start a new one.  Here are the last few pages of my “fauxskine” watercolor journal:

Ingredients:  acrylic paint, Anthropologie catalog clippings, dried paint peeled from the pallet, sharpie, and pen.

Ingredients:  Acrylic paint, gesso, oil pastels, deco tape, The Sounds lyrics, and a couple of fruit (mango!) stickers.  The tape and stickers are hiding a bit.  Can you find them?

Ingredients:  oil pastel, layers of paint, gessoed stamps, dynamo labels, embossed stamps, Smiths lyrics, and Mad Hatter eyes.  I found a huge photo of Hatter in a magazine at work and took it home.  I ended up just using the eyes, and matching them with lyrics from a song I was listening to while making the page.

The reason I was browsing through my journals is because I’m considering sending them in to Art Journaling magazine.  There are a few pages I need to touch up before I mail them off.  Do you think I will get published?

By the way, my dreams of becoming a video tutorial star simply will not happen until I can get my hands on a decent editor.  I have a tutorial for the grungy text background filmed, and a list of ideas of other videos to make.  And I still haven’t done a Journal Flip of my completed journal.

I am very seriously considering buying myself a spot here as a birthday present to myself. I have always wanted to take a journaling class from Elsie and Rachel ever since I saw the Steady Hand, Faulty Heart Pool on Flickr. And I like that their journals are more scrapbook-y than I am used to. I would have such fun mixing my style with theirs!

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