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Goodbye October

October 31, 2010

back on track

That’s a journal page I made at the beginning of October.  An oath to get my journaling habits back on track.  Sadly, I did not journal much at all this month.  October flew by and here I am on my favorite day of the year (Halloween, PLUS my wedding anniversary–two years this year) with little journaling to show for it.  I am excited for November, though.  I am dead set on doing at least 20 minutes, or one page, in my journal each day in November.  I actually started art journaling last November, and I did it every day.  I want to get back to that sense of peace and wonder I felt last year when I bought my first Moleskine.  And I’m not the only one making a pledge to journal every day in November.  Check out Art Every Day Month and NanoJoMo.  Drop by Daisy Yellow, too, and pick up this spreadsheet she made to help you keep track of your progress.  I think I’ll go print mine now!  Happy Halloween!

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