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Suzi Sketches So Far

November 17, 2010

Haha, tongue-twisting title!  Oh my gosh, I am loving The Goddess and The Poet!  I watched a couple of videos, downloaded a PDF and started drawing.  First I practiced each part of the face.
(My scanner is being really lame tonight. It decided to add a bunch of “highlights” where there aren’t any in real life. It looks especially bad in the bottom right mouth, but it’s better in person. Trust me.)

Then I put them together as a whole.
(more scanner evils)
I did this one on my lunch break today.

And this little one while “working” (shh don’t tell my boss)!

Suzi is great at explaining in plain words how to draw faces.  I know my girls aren’t perfect, but they will get better and better with practice.  I also discovered that drawing can be fun–and relaxing–and that’s why I got into art in the first place.  So, as of right now, I LOVE this workshop!

ps:  this is what I listen to when I’m drawing:

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