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February 8, 2011

I am incredibly picky when it comes to my art journal.  Mainly about the paper.  It has to be thick and sturdy.  I can’t get any work done on flimsy pages.  So, the other day I was browsing around at the bookstore and I noticed this beautiful bright blue hardback journal that said “sketchbook” across its cover.  It looked very inconspicuous and if it hadn’t been for the bright color, I would have never picked it up.  I opened the cover and took a peek.  The end paper was sooo cute.


“Eh,” I thought to myself, “It’s a sketchbook.  There’s no way it’ll have good paper.”  But I decided to feel it up anyway (maybe I should have bought it dinner first?).  Ooooh my…The paper.  So smooth and silky, like a great Moleskine (you know the ones with the periwinkle label).  This bad boy is huge, too.  8 by 11 and 192 pages!  Then, a glance at the price tag–$10.95.  “Okay, journal, you’re coming with me.”


So, that’s it.  It looks like nothing fancy, but it’s The.Best.Journal.Ever.  (Except, of course my handmade Spark*Press Journals!)  I do love making my own journals, but I sometimes want a nice hardbound instead of a spiral so I can do two-page spreads.  Okay, I’m sure by now I’ve made you crave one of your own and will pummel me if I don’t tell you where to get one this instant.  Barnes and Noble!  The bad news is that they are out of stock online, so I suggest you head to your local store.  By the way, if teal isn’t your color, I believe they also come in pink, purple, and black.  I also heard from another Art Journaler that you can get these at other bookstores, but I can’t remember if she told me Books-A-Million or Borders…but check those places too.  A couple of downsides to this journal are that it has perforated pages (none of mine have fallen out so far, but I have only had it a week) and that it is too big for my scanner.  Other than that, I love it.  (And, no, I’m not getting any money from anyone to tell you about this journal.  I just really love it and wanted to share it with my readers).

Like I said earlier, it’s too big for my scanner.  I like doing two-page spreads, but I can only scan one page at a time.  So, just imagine these pages in pairs (I need to figure out how to digitally stitch my photos together with Gimp or something).  Anyway, I packed the journal and a case full of goodies when I went to St. Louis this weekend and I made quite a few pages in the hotel room.

This spread is about my new Kindle. I decided to make a place to keep track of how many books I read this year (e-books vs paper).
I read that e-books are going to destroy bookstores the way the mp3 killed music stores. I hope that doesn’t happen–and hate being a part of it.

I decided that this journal will be my Life Book, kinda like Suzi Blu’s journals. The pages are so big! I can fit so many bits and pieces in there. It’s like putting together a puzzle at random to create a big picture of myself.

I grabbed some postcards and flyers at Vintage Vinyl to use as flaps in my journal. I recently learned an amazing technique that has inspired me to actually start writing in my journal and I look forward to filling that blank space. Oh, another thing I love about this journal is that it’s actually big enough for me to put full size magazine girls on the pages!

I have a few more pages that I didn’t scan in yet. I’ll share those with you soon!

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  1. February 8, 2011 8:40 pm

    Hmmphh!! I refuse to believe bookstores will go away! I NEED my books. I need to peruse for hours looking through art books, or picking out a novel to take home with me. Or just reading in a nice comfy chair. I have an ipad, but can not get myself to buy an e-book. It just seems like i’m cheating on all the books on my bookshelf.

    • February 22, 2011 7:38 pm

      Yes, I do not want bookstores to die! It sucks for me because I live in an illiterate little hick town and we don’t even have a bookstore! I have to drive an hour to get to a decent one! So you can see why I wanted a device where I can buy books without having to leave home! I really like my Kindle, but browsing on there is nothing like browsing in a bookstore. Plus, I would never buy a mixed media book on my little black and white Kindle! So, I see the advantages of both!

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