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Workshop Weekly #3

April 28, 2011

I can never seem to get these things out on a Wednesday, so I’ve decided to just start calling it Workshop Weekly.  Anyway, this is part three of my series on writing your own online workshop.

Step Three–Turn your Big Idea into Big Action
Okay, you’ve got your Big Idea, but what now?  Like I’ve been saying, you need to brainstorm.  Spend time with your Big Idea every day.  I find the best way to work with my Big Idea is to ask myself questions.  When I started working on 30 Days of PLaY, I knew I wanted to make a workshop with the theme of “inner child”.  The phrase “inner child” seemed too stuffy to me, so I ended up writing the word “PLaY” ont the top of all my brainstorming pages.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when working with your Big Idea:

Has this idea been done before?  How can I make it my own?
What would I personally like to see in a workshop with this theme?
Do I know and live this theme?
What other ideas show up when I think of this theme?

So, when I started working with my Big Idea, naturally I started thinking of things I liked to do as a child and would enjoy as an adult.  I just made a list.  I asked myself about the things I’d missed out on as a kid that I’d like to try now.  Just start writing.  Write as much as you know about the subject.  Ask yourself what’s missing and write some more.  Write 50% more than you think you’ll need.  Now it’s time to start planning.  Next week we’ll talk about presentation.

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