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Workshop Weekly #4

May 5, 2011

Step Four–Presentation
This is where you get into the tricky technical bits. Now that you’ve got your Big Idea and all it’s supporting ideas, it’s time to decide how you want to present them to the public. This all depends on what sort of ideas you have. If your ideas are very hands-on, you need to figure out a way to show your audience. Decide if you want to present your workshop as videos or as step-by-step directions with photos. Make up an example, or just jump right into documenting your process. The first workshop I taught was called 10 Text Techniques, and I used both video and photos with text to present it. Experiment and see what format works best for your workshop material. My latest workshop is prompt-based, so there was little “meat” to it, just a bunch of text. I didn’t like how basic it was, so I asked myself what I could do to make it more–more magical, more unique, more interactive, more expressive, more personal. That’s how I decided to present my prompts as printable “PLaYing Cards”.
At this point you should completely finish your workshop before you even think about putting it out there. Seriously, weed out all the junk. Take pretty pictures. Get everything typed up, scanned in, and ready to go.

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