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Long time no blog

July 29, 2011

Sorry I have been away so long. To be perfectly honest, I just haven’t wanted to blog. It has been a nice long break, but now I’m back, and I have a new toy. Ladies and gentlemen, I am blogging to you from my brand new iPad! I have been wanting to try my hand at a couple of things, and a tablet computer was just what I needed. I want to start sketching daily, and I want to start making digital art. Below is my first attempt. I’m not very good yet, but we all know that art takes a lot of practice. So, I’ve decided to start a daily drawing habit. Starting August first, I’m going to share a digital sketch with you every day! Hopefully this will greatly improve my skills.


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  1. July 30, 2011 2:58 pm

    welcome back! you’ve been missed!

  2. Melanie K. permalink
    July 30, 2011 4:30 pm

    I am so glad you are back! I can’t remember if I told you or not, but I finished up the journal you made … LOVED using it! The mix of papers was just right.

  3. July 30, 2011 6:07 pm

    Welcome back, Spooky! What app(s) do you use for drawing/painting on your iPad? I love mine, and have been fooling around with ArtStudio, Adobe Ideas (for quick sketches and vector), Sketchbook Express, and Inspire Pro. Looking forward to seeing more of your work! 🙂

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