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Apps for Art

August 28, 2011


As promised, here are all my art apps.

My favorite is Sketch Club. I use this most of the time. It has a nice brush selection and the option to use up to five layers. Another great thing about this app is that it has it’s own social network built into the app. You can post your art, get feedback, make friends, and participate in challenges and competitions. Plus, it was only $1.99!

Inkpad is a fantastic vector app. I have not played with it very much, but I’m looking forward to learning to use it.

Artrage– I got this on sale for $1. It’s great for making realistic looking paintings with chunky blobs of paint and brushstrokes. I had to have it after seeing on YouTube that you can squeeze paint from a tube and spread it around with the pallet knife!

Auryn Ink–realistic watercolor app.

Inspire Pro–I’ve seen some amazing art done with this app, but I didn’t like the user interface.

Harmonious–fun little sketching app. Great for fast and furious doodles.

Drawcast–cheap and very basic. Okay for a colored pencil look.

SketchBook Pro– just got this one. Love the brush selection, but the interface takes some getting used to. I think my main problem is that I have been using Sketch Club so much that I’m frustrated that the other apps aren’t set up the same way.

The rest of the apps are kind of one trick ponies. Type Drawing lets you sketch with letters and words. Composite is sort of a cross between an art app and a photography app. It’s hard to explain, but it allows you to use your finger and paint what your camera is seeing. Toon Paint turns your photos into sketches then you fill them in with color. I’ve shown you a bit of Wreck This App already. Art Model gives you 3D models to sketch. And then there’s Daily Monster…

There you have it. I’m sorry that I didn’t share a sketch yesterday. I may not have one today either because I’ve actually been playing in my art journal lately instead of using my iPad, yay!

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