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Finish This Book

September 8, 2011


I started reading–no, wait, writing–Finish This Book by Keri Smith tonight. I am only a few pages in, but I have been stopping and following all the directions as they are given to me. I can tell this is going to be fun. I can’t say much so far, but there are a couple of things that surprised me. One was the size of the book. I figured it would be the same size as Wreck This Journal and its companion books, but it is bigger. It is, I believe, the same size as Explorer, which is my favorite of her books so far. I don’t know yet if I’m right, but I have a feeling that maybe this book is sort of a companion to Explorer…but I guess that all depends on me, the new author, haha. The other thing that surprised me was that early into the book you are advised to finish the tasks in order. In order! If you’ve ever had one of Keri’s books before you know that usually they are meant to be completed in whatever order you choose. How interesting! It’s taking a lot of willpower for me to not skip ahead! This book is so mysterious so far. I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

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