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AEDM Day One: Cork Printing

November 1, 2011


Today is the first day of Art Every Day Month! I am going to post a little something that I’ve worked on each day this month. Even if it’s just a little snapshot. I am still on vacation today, so I have plenty of time to play around in my journal. I had a couple of ideas when I started today. I wanted to use Halloween colors and I wanted to try stamping with a found object: a cork. Here is a little step by step of my page.


I started with a semi-blank page. At some point, I had smeared left over purple paint on this page just to use it up.


Next comes the gesso! It’s not totally necessary with this journal, but I like to start with gesso because it’s an easy way to get your bush moving. And once your brush is moving you don’t want to stop!


Book lovers, avert your eyes! This is a page from a typing manual from 1921! I love to read, but I’m not afraid to tear up an old book.


And here’s where things start to get ugly! I scraped some paint around with a plastic card. It looked terrible when I was done. How do we fix ugly pages?


More paint! More gesso! It’s still pretty ugly, though. I put one more layer of orange paint.


At this point, I was tired of trying to get it to look pretty. I decided to move on to trying out that cork.


The end result. Rather than take this page any further, I’ve decided to end it here. The most important thing about an art journal is that it is a place to experiment. Yes, I am disappointed that I do not have a fabulous piece of art to show you today, but I did enjoy making it!

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