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How AEDM Turned into NaNoWriMo

November 22, 2011


There is something about November that makes me go completely insane. I think it has something to do with working in retail. I have to find a creative outlet in November or I will lose my mind. One year I taught myself to knit. Another year I made a really bad zine. The past two years, of course, it’s been art journaling. And this year…it turned into novel writing. About a week ago, I Stumbled Upon a web article about the snowflake method for writing a novel and I thought, hey I wanna try. It is NaNoWriMo, after all. Five hours later I realized I hadn’t moved from the couch. And it’s been like that ever since. So, I’m sorry, but I think AEDM is off for now (although, I think writing could be considered an art). Anyway, I don’t know if my novel will ever be fit for human consumption, but I am enjoying myself tremendously! First of all, I have been getting to sleep at a decent hour every night so I can get up early and write. It’s sort of a strange experience, though. It has completely changed the way I interact with the (real) world. I have trouble concentrating at work, because I’m thinking about my plot. I have conversations with my characters in my car. I smile to myself on my lunch break when I think of something funny one of them has done. The downside is that I do not want to hang out with my buddies and my family. I have to tear myself away from my iPad! My house is a disaster!
Okay, so despite my crazy and antisocial behavioral issues, I find working on a novel to be one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in my adult life. It’s a bit like being handed a few pieces of a puzzle and being told to make up the rest. First, I thought of a general idea and a few characters and I’ve been slowly working out the reasons why these people ended up together. One of the characters is very real to me in a strange way. He even managed to tell me I’d gotten his name wrong! After I got his name right, it seems like he just won’t shut up! I get pieces of dialogue from him all the time!
I’m really shy about my work. The only person I’ve told that I’m writing is my husband…about ten minutes ago. He asked me what I’ve been doing all day, so I mumbled something about writing a novel and he was pretty unconvinced. So, I said, “No, I have seriously been writing a novel.” He didn’t harass me too much about it, so I’m thinking about announcing it to my Facebook friends next.
I suppose you might want to know a bit about what I’m writing, but my inner critic is in my ear telling me how dumb it all sounds. Especially since I haven’t gotten it all figured out. So, I will just tell you a couple of things. It has a title! Bird and Vine. It’s probably going to be YA, because that’s what I like to read, but I suppose it could end up being for adults. It’s also Fantasy, which I never imagined myself writing, but the ability to build my own world was too much to resist. And that character I love so much? His name is Jinx!

Current Word Count (8 days in): 15,236. I told you I’ve gone insane!

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