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Spark*Press Custom Journal Shop Now Open!!! Five spots are currently available.

Want a custom art journal?  I would be happy to make one for you.  My art journals are 8 inch by 8 inch and spiral bound.  Each custom journal can have up to 40 pages.  Here is how it works:

Step 1:  Choose your Spiral:  Black or Silver

Step 2:  Choose your Cover.  You have a few options.  You can see examples here
a. Vintage Vinyl–You can choose one of the vinyl album covers I’ve cut down.  Music Box Dancer, Snow White, Disney Favorites, or Why You Treat Me So Bad?  These are old, used album covers, so they may have stains or wear and tear.
b.  Graffiti Quilt–Like the cover of my “Lela” journal.  I make a patchwork collage using photocopies of my own artwork.  I can do rainbow colors or varying shades of one color of your choice.
c.  Custom–I can make you something like the “Olive” journal cover, a textured background with a photo.  Just name two colors you’d like me to use and you can email me a photo of your choice or I can pick out a “catalog girl” to use as the photo.
d.  Grunge Text–a collage made with book pages and two colors (your choice) of paint.
e:  Plain–thick cardboard cover with no design so you can customize it yourself.

Step 3:  Choose your Paper
Your journal can have up to 40 pages, so you may choose 4 or the following:

a:  Manila cardstock—buff-colored, general mixed media paper.  This paper works best if it is gessoed before adding wet media.  10 sheets.
b:  Heavy-duty mixed-media paper—thick, bright white paper.  Holds up well to moisture and abuse.  10 sheets
c:  Patterned Scrap-booking paper—Adds color and design to you journal.  Good for journaling and sketching, but may not accept wet media.  10 sheets
d:  Found Papers—varying sizes of mixed papers.  May include old book pages, maps, magazine and catalog pages, sheet music, children’s book pages, etc.  10 sheets
e:  Textured Cardstock–Thick, textured paper in various colors.  Accepts wet media, but may bleed.  10 sheets
f:  WaterColor Paper–Cold press (textured) watercolor paper.  10 sheets.

Step 4:  Choose Add-Ons
a:  rounded corners on your inside pages
b:  manila folder pocket–A pocket made from a file folder bound into you journal.  please specify if you’d like it in the front, back, or middle.
c.  manila envelope pocket–I bind a 5×7 manila envelope (the kind with a brass fastener) into you journal.  Please specify where you’d like it in your journal.
d.  yarn danglies–a ‘mane’ of yarn tied onto your spiral.

All custom journals are $30 USD, including shipping. You must pay for your journal first, and then I will make it especially for you and ship it within two week. Please email me at AT gmail DOT com with any questions or orders

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  1. November 10, 2010 12:49 pm

    The shipping is included for USA right? What about international? How much approximately it is?

  2. May 5, 2011 11:53 am

    Thanks for letting me know one of my links was bad. Finally got it fixed!

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